Running to Raise Money for Athletes

About Us

Who We Are

Running For a Reason is a cause that was initiated by Jametta Bland to help me achieve one of my competitive fitness goals which is to compete professionally on a national stage. 

I am now and forever incredibly grateful for the support and love she's shown me over the many years. I see this not only as an opportunity to garner much needed support for my dreams but as a vehicle to help others realize their own health/fitness aspirations. 

What We Do

As we embark on a journey to much healthier, stronger versions of ourselves, we invite and encourage you to please come along on this journey with us! 

Our goal is to help  fellow athletes achieve their goals.  Money raised by Running for a Reason will provide athletes with assistance in paying for part of their expenses (ex. training fees, event registration fees, etc.) to help them reach their goals.  


How to get started:

1. Tell us what fitness goal(s) you have.

2. Start Moving! No, Rome was not built in a day so each step you take in the direction of your dreams, no matter how big or small, is a step closer to making them reality!! 

3. DONATE $2 FOR EVERY MILE YOU MOVE! Ex. If you run 2 miles, donate $4 :-) The collective goal is 5,000 miles and I know together we can make it happen!!!  *If you can't run, feel free to walk, bike, elliptical or other cardio that is better suited to your physical capabilities.

Running for a Reason

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